This client had just become a senior partner at a leading law firm. The ability to deliver top-level presentations was a critical element of his new role, but there was a potential problem:

When it came to speaking in front of large audiences, he lacked experience. He was concerned that this would affect his confidence as a speaker.

I wanted to be the very best I could be – an impressive, credible speaker, very comfortable on my feet.

We started with a 2-hour intake meeting. This gave us the chance to get to know each other. I wanted to spend time with him, getting to know his style and objectives so that I could then tailor the coaching and develop a strategy that would work for him.

Jeremy and I met for coffee and got on well. We wanted to know if the chemistry was right, and it was.

After the initial meeting there were 8 sessions, each lasting 1 hour. They involved a combination of advice and encouragement, observation, constructive feedback and working with my client to help him develop the right mind-set for delivering large-scale presentations.

Jeremy did a lot of listening too. He listened and suggested different directions and ideas. It was a very collaborative way of working.

I never take a formulaic approach. Instead, I provide tailored techniques that reveal a signature style. It allows someone’s true personality to shine through. Connecting from the stage is all about authenticity, so a formulaic teaching method will never work.

He wasn’t dictating my style and did not want to change me so the way we worked was in fact quite subtle. I didn’t feel pressured. It was a very thoughtful approach. He never pushed me in a direction I wasn’t comfortable with.

I 100% achieved the objective. The results were extraordinary.

The effects have been lasting – my client has gone on to deliver numerous presentations in front of large audiences in the UK and overseas. He is now a confident and credible speaker but admits to being surprised by the enthusiastic response to various presentations, speeches and remarks.

I probably didn’t think it would go so well, but I had senior people come up to me after many of the key speeches and say remarkable things. I got extraordinary feedback. They said it was polished and funny. I had comments such as `Your remarks just hit the nail on the head and captured the occasion.’ and `You seem incredibly comfortable on your feet`. All my presentations during the year went well. The whole coaching exceeded my expectations.

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