Find your authentic voice

Jeremy Cassell wearing a black overcoat standing infront of a panelled door

Every client is given the freedom and support to find his or her own authentic voice and presentation style. Coaching provides them with personalised techniques for presenting in a natural, charismatic style that reflects their true personality and builds strong connections with their audience.

Whether you require one-to-one presentation coaching for a senior executive or presentation training for groups of up to 12 people, the results are transformational and individually tailored to produce:

A confident, charismatic speaking style – adaptable to any situation or audience.
Reduced anxiety, for those who are nervous about presentations.
Unconditional buy-in from the audience, whether they are employees, stakeholders, C-suite executives, clients or team members.
Committed, motivated teams engaged and inspired by internal presentations.
Greater productivity – faster preparation and less stressing over high-stakes presentations.

My coaching sessions are never formulaic. Senior leaders receive a tailored experience, based on a detailed evaluation of their individual requirements. And, a safe space in which to discover their own signature style that will move, persuade and convince any audience.

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"Exceptional presenters are made not born"

I have worked with Jeremy many times in my roles as partner, managing partner and now global chairman. He has worked with many leaders in our firm. Jeremy’s versatility and skill makes him the complete package. He knows how to bring out your own personal style as well as to how make the most impact on any audience. Jeremy will help you become a complete and more engaging presenter.

Paul RawlinsonGlobal Chairman of Baker McKenzie