Frequently Asked Questions

How do I share my presentation for review?

You’ll see some very simple instructions at the appropriate point in your course, but it’s very straighforward! You upload your file using our WeTransfer page – if this isn’t a site you’ve used before there’s no need to create an account, but in that scenario you are likely to be sent an email with a verification code that allows you to complete your video send on the site.

Can I pay in other currencies other than £s?

Yes. We use Stripe – they support payments in over 135 countries and the transaction will appear in your own currency on your bank statement.

Can I buy one login and then share it with a colleague or friend?

No, that isn’t possible. Each login is associated with an individual email address, with individual documents and, of course, an individual certificate of completion! The course is designed so that everyone can move through it at exactly the pace that suits them. There are significant volume discounts available on group purchases and Jeremy also offers other group training options.

We monitor logins and IPs that are used to access the course regularly.

How long will the course take?

The videos are all short in length – approximately 5 minutes – so that is a good gauge to use when assessing watching time for your preferred course. However, you are likely to spend considerable additional time considering what you have learnt and how you can put it into practice. If you choose to make notes, the learning resource workbook guides you through the content and encourages you to consider how you’ll apply your new learning, so the video bundles are likely to take a minimum of 6 hours with reflection time.

How long do I have to take the course?

A year, although we don’t advocate you taking this long to review the videos for the first time! To get the most from the course work through the videos as soon as is practical, identify areas of your virtual presenting you wish to work on and practise! The videos are there for you to come back to time and time again within the year, honing your technique or referring to them in a moment of need before a high stakes virtual presentation.

Can I get the course in other languages than English?

Although this is in our plans, the answer for now is not immediately! Please contact and we’ll work with you to get a version in your language quickly.

Can I download the videos onto my own machine?

No, the courses are run from the Podia learning platform and the videos need to be viewed by logging into your account. You can, however, download and keep the learning support materials such as the learning resource workbook and the C³ model of influencing™ field guide eBook.

What devices does the course work on?

We’ve created a course that works on all devices so that you can learn from home, the office or on the move. Please contact if you have any problems.

I have a discount code but it isn’t working

If this is the case please email, detailing the code you’re trying to use.

Can I watch the videos more than once?

Absolutely – as many times as you like within the year. You will receive an email towards the end of your year to offer you continual access to the videos for a small fee.

Can I get design support on a presentation?

If you are making a high stakes presentation and are considering it well in advance, we have partners available to help you with presentation design. Simply email and we’ll connect you.

What platform is your course hosted on?

Podia. We also use Typeform in some areas of the courses. As Podia and Typeform aren’t integrated together, this means you may need to re-enter fields like name or email address very occasionally.

Can I buy additional coaching from Jeremy Cassell?

Absolutely, take a look at your training options here and get in touch to discuss and agree what option would be best for you or your team.

I’ve bought the course but something isn’t working

If the problem is not with the Podia platform, please contact and we’ll do our best to resolve your issue as fast as possible. In the unlikely event that the Podia platform is down, please be patient as the issue is likely to be resolved very fast.

I’ve bought the course but can’t login / have forgotten my password

Please use the forgotten password function that Podia offers to reset your password.

How long will it take to get my certificate of course completion?

Typically your certificate will be sent out within 48 hours via email. If for some reason this isn’t the case, please contact

I want to print the learning resource workbook, but don’t have access to a printer. Can you send me a copy?

Yes – absolutely. We don’t offer this by default for environmental reasons and the workbook is editable online, but we recognise that, for some, a printed version is desirable. Please email with your name and address and we’ll send you a copy. Please allow one week for delivery.

If I buy the 1-to-1 online coaching how will it get scheduled?

At the appropriate point in the course, near the start, you’ll be asked to send us your availability for 1-to-1 coaching so that appropriate times can be set up. We’ll also set up a chemistry call for you to discuss your situation and what you’re looking to achieve from coaching with Jeremy, prior to your formal coaching sessions.

What’s up with Merv’s presenting background?

Ah, you mean the flowers? Your guess is as good as ours. All we can do is apologise!

Are they Wisdens on Jeremy’s shelf behind him?

They most certainly are. Jeremy is a keen cricketer and in the 2020 season at the ripe old age of 55 registered a century for the 2nd XI at his local village club in Steyning. Jeremy owns the complete set of Wisdens – 1864 to 1878 in facsimile form and 1879-2019 in the highly recognisable yellow hardback book form.

I can't save the changes I've made to my learning resource workbook online.

Unfortunately any changes you make immediately after you download and open the workbook from Podia will only be saved if you’ve first saved the workbook locally. Once you do that, all edits you make will save when you open and edit the document locally.