Engaging a virtual audience

What are the key similarities and differences between presenting face to face and presenting online?
What is the best way to use PowerPoint slides and other visual aids online?
What are some practical tips I can apply immediately so that I can do an even better job?

This articles outlines some practical tools and tips to adapt your speaking style to video, and keep your digital audience interested.

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Body Language

55% of communication is non-verbal when presenting face-to-face. Here Jeremy talks through 5 key factors to remember in order to keep your audience onboard.

Capture their attention in 3 minutes flat

"Business people sometimes say – ‘I’m OK as long as I can get through the first three minutes’. I reply – ‘you’ve probably already lost the audience.’ Audience members judge you, asking themselves: are you confident? Do you understand us? Do you have both knowledge and gravitas? The start of any presentation determines to a large extent whether you’ll achieve your desired outcome: don’t just ‘get through it’, optimise those critical first three minutes!"

Jeremy Cassell shares his top 10 tips for creating presentations that make an immediate impact on your audience.

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Further reading

audience engagement speechEngaging your audience

Engage the audience as much as possible

10 simple things you can do to engage the audience How often have you been distracted or disengaged when in the audience at a presentation? We love to poll our audiences at Jeremy Cassell Coaching. Recent evidence suggested 48% of the respondents admitted to doing something other than listening during…
Jeremy Cassell
March 12, 2020
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Articulate a burning platform

Articulate a burning platform - NOW! Over 30 years ago now, a terrible tragedy hit the UK North Sea oil industry - The Piper Alpha disaster. You may have heard of it or remember what happened. At nine-thirty on a July evening in 1988, a disastrous explosion and fire occurred…
Jeremy Cassell
January 22, 2020
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Present with authenticity

What does ‘Present with authenticity’ really mean? In an increasingly sceptical world, authenticity is critical. Authenticity allows your audience to trust you as the presenter and trust that your content is real and valuable. Statistics show that only one third of us believe ‘most people’ can be trusted, so how…
Jeremy Cassell
November 21, 2019
structuring your presentationEngaging your audience

Structure every presentation

You persuade through reason; you motivate through emotion. That’s the nub of it. You will be persuasive if you: have an easy to follow structure for every presentation signpost (tell audience what is going on) regularly articulate and repeat a small number of clear messages Regular dollops of evidence help…
Jeremy Cassell
September 27, 2019