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For over two decades Jeremy Cassell has been coaching business leaders across the
world to find their authentic speaking style and deliver exceptional presentations.
His award-winning book, The Leader’s Guide to Presenting, was Business Book of the
Year in 2018. Now everyone has the chance to learn from the best in the business.

Given the way the world has evolved in recent months, you are unlikely to present
or motivate exclusively in person ever again. Virtual presenting has suddenly
become the must have business super-power for leaders and managers.

  • Does your business growth rely on you selling via online presentations?
  • Do you feel less confident presenting virtually than in person?
  • Do you suffer from nerves prior to a virtual presentation?

Recognising that business leaders are often time poor and need to upskill fast,
Jeremy has distilled his knowledge into a series of 19 bitesize training videos to help
you develop as fast as you want to. His Design & Deliver video training course
launches in July and for those that register below we’ll not only alert you when the
modules are available for purchase, but also send you a 20% off code to use too.

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Design & Deliver Video Training Courses

Jeremy explains how his virtual presenting training will help professionals present more effectively while retaining personal authenticity (4 mins).

Included in the course

Exceptional virtual presenting course (10 videos)
Developing your confident voice course (6 videos)
Mastering tech for interactive presentations course (3 videos)
Personalised feedback from Jeremy Cassell on your own virtual presentation
Emma Slade Testimonial Online Coach Review

“Jeremy kindly had the patience to help me control anxiety and build some confidence to present. I never thought I’d see myself standing tall in front of 80 people speaking and absolutely loving it! Miracles really do come true (well, with a little help from Jeremy anyway)….I’m now presenting (virtually) all over the place!”

Emma Slade – EMEA Events Manager, Baker McKenzie

"Exceptional presenters are made not born"

About Jeremy Cassell

Jeremy Cassell Coaching Exceptional Presentations

Jeremy Cassell is a qualified teacher, a certified coach and an NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) trainer. For more than 15 years he has delivered one-to-one presentation coaching and group presentation training for many of the world’s leading organisations. In the UK, he has worked with 30 of the top 40 law firms.

As a keynote speaker, Jeremy has inspired audiences across the world – in Asia, North America, South America and throughout Europe. He is trusted by firms such as Arthur Cox, Sodexo, Baker McKenzie, Linklaters and Chargeurs to inspire audiences and communicate key messages with authority, humour and credibility.

Jeremy has co-authored 4 best-selling books: The Leader’s Guide to Presenting(winner of The 2018 UK Business Book of the Year award), Brilliant Selling, which has sold 80,000 copies and been translated into 14 languages, The FT Guide to Business Training (FT Series) and finally The C3 Model of Influencing Field Guide. Find out more about Jeremy’s writing here.

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