12 key habits for presenting in any scenario

virtual presenting coaching microsoft teams

12 habits of exceptional presenters There are demonstrable, subtle and consistent differences between presenting virtually and presenting in-person. However, it would be wrong to assume that the emphasis switches to the technology and that takes precedent. Whilst mastering the technology is a pre-requisite of well-honed virtual presenting skills, it is…

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Engaging a virtual audience in 2020

jeremy cassell virtual presentation coaching

Practical tools to nail your 2020 online presentations Thanks to Covid-19, video conferencing has gone viral. Now we are all jumping on Zoom, Microsoft Teams, WebEx and other online platforms and many of us are, in addition, delivering online presentations. When so much of your success in business hangs on…

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Present with authenticity

authenticity in speakers

What does ‘Present with authenticity’ really mean? In an increasingly sceptical world, authenticity is critical. Authenticity allows your audience to trust you as the presenter and trust that your content is real and valuable. Statistics show that only one third of us believe ‘most people’ can be trusted, so how…

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Structure every presentation

structuring your presentation

You persuade through reason; you motivate through emotion. That’s the nub of it. You will be persuasive if you: have an easy to follow structure for every presentation signpost (tell audience what is going on) regularly articulate and repeat a small number of clear messages Regular dollops of evidence help…

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