Jeremy Cassell - The 12 habits of exceptional presenters

Presentation coming up? Already worried about what to say, and how to say it? 

If you dread presenting, but it’s a critical part of your job, you might know you need to improve, but be unclear on what you should be focusing on to get the results you deserve. 

Get a copy of Jeremy Cassell’s presentation framework – The 12 Habits of Exceptional Presenters and you will dramatically improve your presentations by this time next week. Or by this time tomorrow, if you have enough coffee available, and it’s an emergency.

These 12 habits are the very same methodology that Jeremy uses as the basis for the work that he does with his one-to-one clients who are all senior leaders or entrepreneurs, and group coaching sessions that he delivers all around the world.

Once you have given some thought to how you can incorporate them into your presentations, we guarantee that you will be a better speaker.

Why not give it a try today? Simply fill in the form below to get your copy sent to your inbox. Work through the habits one at a time – or all in one go,  if your career-dependent presentation is tomorrow!

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This book crystallizes the key elements that can allow any leader to be really present and make a dynamic difference with any audience. You can dip into it or read it in a linear way – whichever way you choose I can guarantee you will find lots of ideas, tools, and questions that will allow you to improve your ability to present dynamically and make the impact that will make a real positive difference in your world.

John Matson - Partner in Arthur Cox and ex Chair of Lex Mundi, writing about the Leader’s Guide to Presenting

I know Jeremy personally and professionally. I would recommend Jeremy to anyone who wants to improve their ability to present and influence, by developing and managing long term enduring relationships.

Philip Jansen - CEO of Worldpay

Brilliant Selling and now The Leader’s Guide to Presenting are very pragmatic, which is exactly what we found when we hired Jeremy to help us improve the way we deliver sales presentations. Our top sales people, senior managers and operators gained significantly from his training and coaching and we can directly link his involvement to improved results in the business.

Jeremy Alderton - Sales Director at Sodexo