Face-to-face meetings are no longer the norm and business leaders need their organisations to adapt fast to new working practices.

Look around and video calls are everywhere.

From conferences and events, to sales pitches, high-stakes presentations, company catch ups, and many more, they are now all being delivered online via video. Whatever happens next with the Coronavirus pandemic, our standard ways of working have changed forever and there has been an irreversible shift towards far greater remote working. Firms that refuse to acknowledge or embrace this shift may well be left to rue their response.

We still remember how Kodak failed to adapt to digital photography in the 1990s. There will be those companies that embrace our new ways of working and support their staff to learn new skills during this period, while there will also be those that are slow to adapt and will suffer greatly as a result. Even the most experienced leaders are having to learn new virtual presenting skills rapidly so that they can influence, motivate, sell and inspire via screen rather than in person. Savvy leaders know this is not something that can wait.

As co-author of The Leader’s Guide to Presenting, UK Business Book of the Year in 2018, Jeremy Cassell is ideally placed to help with what has now emerged as a must-have business skill. For over two decades he has been coaching business leaders across the world to find their authentic speaking style and deliver exceptional presentations. Prior to the pandemic the majority of Jeremy’s coaching was delivered in person but now, for the first time, everyone has the chance to learn from the best in the business online.

A fast-paced world requires fast-paced solutions, which is why the course takes the form of digestible short videos.

Jeremy believes that exceptional virtual presenters are made, not born, and he is intent on proving this with his new Design & Deliver training courses. The course is created with time poor senior executives in mind, split into bite-size videos that can be watched at home, in the office or on the move, via any device. Forrester Research has shown that one minute of video is worth 1.8 million words and busy professionals can now upskill fast.

“Remote working and virtual presenting is here to stay. It’s vital to survival and growth for many. The options are to bury your head in the sand or upskill now. During lockdown, I’ve coached professionals to deliver high stakes virtual presentations or webinars, win virtual pitches or run company meetings to hundreds of people online. It’s a critical business skill for so many now and I wanted to help more people deliver truly winning virtual presentations. Whether you suffer from faltering confidence, want to know how to ensure your key messages are remembered, or how to vary your voice for maximum impact, my hope is that these videos will allow you, with practice, to deliver exceptional virtual presentations.

Jeremy Cassell, MD, Jeremy Cassell Coaching

What others have said about Jeremy Cassell Coaching’s virtual presentation training:

“Business has changed so much over recent months with particular emphasis on virtual client meetings and presentations. I’m so glad that I completed the training. I now feel much more confident in delivering virtual presentations to clients. Thank you Jeremy!”

Sarah Boyle – Sales Director, BRC (Building Recruitment Company)

“Short well-informed videos, useful tips, easily relatable stories and ideas delivered with real passion to help you improve. The great thing is with the downloads and videos, you can recap at any time. I really liked Jeremy’s very human approach and the constant reminder that we are not born to do this, that we learn to do it.”

Dean Kennett – Managing Director, Fooditude

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