Covid-19 has had a significant impact on business.

working from home group trainingIt’s no secret that Covid-19 has radically accelerated the remote work dynamics across the globe. Recent estimates show that in “the new normal” after the pandemic 25-30% of full-time employees are likely to work remotely, compared to 5% pre-pandemic. With this second wave, it wouldn’t be surprising if the final numbers turn out to be higher.

Yet it’s important to remember that the shift to remote work has been ongoing for at least fifteen years. Between 2005 and 2018, the number of remote workers in the US had risen by 173% with figures estimated at 4.7million before the pandemic (source: US Census Bureau and the Bureau of Labor Statistics and Global Workplace Statistics).

However, whilst many businesses have embraced the change and empowered their team to successfully work from home, others have fallen short.

Lack of training, lack of adequate technological know-how, and lack of communication. These are obstacles faced by too many teams still.

The outcome is that the companies that have invested in training and upskilled their teams are able to get ahead of the pack, while others will continue to flounder.

Why presentation training can help

Learning to communicate successfully online via video conferences is a skill like any other. It can and should be taught so that businesses are able to make the most of online opportunities.

I recently surveyed 100 managing directors and salespeople to inform a new edition of my book Brilliant Selling. The majority of those surveyed really struggled to sell online.

Some common issues included:

  • Not being able to read the body language of the audience.
  • Technological issues (poor connection, customers struggling to use it, not understanding the tools,…)
  • Distractions abounding (pets, family, or simply being bored by unengaging presentations).

The issue that keeps coming back is that training to adapt to this new normal has been absolutely minimal. Most of the people surveyed learned as they went along rather than receiving structured support from their company.

training to adapt to working from home group teamGroup presentation training: invest in your team

Most companies will have a couple of superstars in their customer-facing teams. These are the top presenters and salespeople – they exude confidence and know how to connect with their audience.

  • What if these superstars are struggling with the transition to digital? What if a few subtle changes could transform their pitches?
  • And what about the rest of your client-facing team? Don’t they deserve to upskill too?

Group training is the best way to get your team on the same page, and empower them to persuade, influence and inspire their prospects online.

I work with Executive teams, boards and senior teams to improve the team’s ability to present and influence both internal and external stakeholders.

jeremy alderton sodexo presentation coachI offer a variety of solutions to help fast-track your team’s presenting skills:

  • Online video-led training at their own pace, with Design & Deliver. A practical and effective way to give your team the tools and confidence they need to present virtually.
  • Personalised group training packages to suit your company’s specific needs. Working with groups of up to 12 help leaders and team members inject personality and credibility into their presentation style. All sessions are tailor-made. Find out more here.

group team training presentationWhy me?

Professionally, I’m a coach, a keynote presenter, a trainer, a writer.

I believe we are at the start of a work revolution in which those who can, will embrace the benefits of hybrid working – part home, part office, part seeing clients and being on the road. To survive and thrive we all need to embrace the new working reality and sharpen our face to face and online influencing skills.

I am convinced leaders, salespeople and key influencers need to up their game. They have to embrace new approaches and new technologies and get out of their comfort zones.

‘I recommend Jeremy to anyone who wants to get better at influencing and understand sales and the art of developing and managing long-term commercial relationship’ Philip Jansen, CEO of British Telecomm.

I am passionate about working with leaders and managers to improve their personal impact and influencing capability.

jeremy cassell group training presentations onlineIn 2020 I’ve worked globally with CEOs, Managing & Equity Partners and entrepreneurs & their teams, to create, structure & deliver compelling & engaging presentations.

I have helped many groups increase their ability to become charismatic, persuasive & better leaders & managers.

What differentiates my approach?

  • I have been there and done it. Trained and coached 1000s of leaders and managers over 20 years.
  • I have written 4 best-selling books on the subject areas I teach and coach. This includes: Brilliant Selling (80,000 sold, translated into 15 languages, 3rd edition in the works), and The Leader’s Guide to Presenting (won The UK 2018 Business Book of the Year Award).
  • I am in the middle of completing a book on virtual presenting.
  • I am intensely practical. I will get stuck in with you and help you win a pitch or deliver an exceptional presentation.
  • I believe in the power of authenticity. If I am coaching you, I will not attempt to turn you into a ‘professional’. I will get to know you personally and professionally and be guided by your own outcomes and strengths.

books by Jeremy Cassell social selling presentations impromptu speeches

Who have I worked with?

I feel very fortunate to work with great clients. Here are just a few of my recent clients:

Professional Service firm clients: Baker McKenzie, Cleary Gottlieb, Baker Botts, Dinsmore, Arthur Cox, Macfarlanes, Watson Farley Williams, Ashurst, Eversheds, Slaughter & May, Linklaters, Carpmaels, PwC, Deloitte, EY, 17 Capital

Corporates: Sodexo, Burberry, Catlin, Cartier, Parker, Univar Solutions, Consilio, Chargeurs. Elior

SMEs & Charities: Imex, British Red Cross, St Mungo’s

Please do contact me and let’s see what develops: & +44 7788 757309 or direct line + 44 1903 918654

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