75% of people suffer from some kind of anxiety about public speaking.

The term for this is glossophobia which means "fear of public speaking".

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How to develop "surface confidence" and "deep confidence"

Exuding confidence during your presentation is one of the most critical things you can do, as any audience is more likely to be influenced by a speaker if they perceive them as confident.

Here is how to develop a healthy mindset and be ready to present in any situation...

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Be ready to face any situation

Jeremy Cassell is trained in NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) techniques that help people to relax, express their personality and show their authentic personality. This in turn allows them to build connection with the audience.

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View of back of camera filming person infront of a flip chartMindset and Confidence

Practise on the edge of discomfort

We all learn in different ways   You will already be aware of this. A teaching method that works wonders on your peers might seem incomprehensible to you. You may have come across the Honey & Mumford Learner Types – if not, it’s free and takes a few minutes to…
Jeremy Cassell
September 11, 2020
feedback presentation receiving it dispassionatelyMindset and Confidence

Accept all feedback dispassionately

There is no failure, only feedback. Accepting constructive feedback doesn’t come naturally to everyone. So how do you turn receiving it from a negative into your most powerful ally? What is Feedback? Feedback in this context is one or more people sharing their reactions to a person’s presentation. This can…
Jeremy Cassell
August 27, 2020
authenticity in speakersMindset and Confidence

Present with authenticity

What does ‘Present with authenticity’ really mean? In an increasingly sceptical world, authenticity is critical. Authenticity allows your audience to trust you as the presenter and trust that your content is real and valuable. Statistics show that only one third of us believe ‘most people’ can be trusted, so how…
Jeremy Cassell
November 21, 2019