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audience engagement speechEngaging your audience

Engage the audience as much as possible

10 simple things you can do to engage the audience How often have you been distracted or disengaged when in the audience at a presentation? We love to poll our audiences at Jeremy Cassell Coaching. Recent evidence suggested 48% of the respondents admitted to doing something other than listening during…
Jeremy Cassell
March 12, 2020
impromptu speeches how to prepare tipsKeynote Speaking

10 top tips for delivering an impromptu speech

No time to prepare? Take heart – and take note. For many of us it’s the worst-case scenario – suddenly having to deliver an impromptu presentation. Being asked to speak in public is a major challenge for many leaders. Being asked to speak spontaneously as well as publicly can catapult the task…
Jeremy Cassell
August 28, 2018
Campfire at night against a snow capped mountain backdropEngaging your audience

Articulate a burning platform

Articulate a burning platform - NOW! Over 30 years ago now, a terrible tragedy hit the UK North Sea oil industry - The Piper Alpha disaster. You may have heard of it or remember what happened. At nine-thirty on a July evening in 1988, a disastrous explosion and fire occurred…
Jeremy Cassell
January 22, 2020