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Campfire at night against a snow capped mountain backdropEngaging your audience

Articulate a burning platform

Articulate a burning platform - NOW! Over 30 years ago now, a terrible tragedy hit the UK North Sea oil industry - The Piper Alpha disaster. You may have heard of it or remember what happened. At nine-thirty on a July evening in 1988, a disastrous explosion and fire occurred…
Jeremy Cassell
January 22, 2020
Modern stage microphone against blurred backgroundEngaging your audience

How to engage an audience in 3 minutes flat

Engage your audience Ten tips for changing the way you think about the start of any business presentation. 1. Don’t fool yourself! Business people sometimes say – ‘I’m OK as long as I can get through the first three minutes’. I reply – ‘you’ve probably already lost the audience.’  Audience…
Jeremy Cassell
July 8, 2018
authenticity in speakersMindset and Confidence

Present with authenticity

What does ‘Present with authenticity’ really mean? In an increasingly sceptical world, authenticity is critical. Authenticity allows your audience to trust you as the presenter and trust that your content is real and valuable. Statistics show that only one third of us believe ‘most people’ can be trusted, so how…
Jeremy Cassell
November 21, 2019