Are you a bottom liner or a long talker?

Here is the difference:

A bottom liner gets to the nub of things quickly. They tend to be precise, surefooted and certain

Whereas a long talker meanders, talks around a subject, probably does not realise what they think about a subject until they open their mouths.

You’ll have a preference.

I am by nature a long talker (far too long according to my wife Susie).

I am capable of talking for hours on a subject that fascinates me. So podcasts and Clubhouse are great, webinars a little restrictive for me. If a company would pay for this, my ideal would be to book out an hour and take questions on presenting, influencing or selling. See what evolves and improvise. But I have never had that sort of booking. Organisations prefer to know what they are getting. They want structure and outcomes. There I am long talking again.

I can bottom line. That might be at the start of a presentation  when I use a catchphrase ‘exceptional presenters are made not born’ for example. Or when I introduce the power of 3 and explain how 3 is the magic number if you want people to remember what you have to say. Or I might say at the end of a webinar – business training doesn’t work. It only works if you take action. Bottom Lining.

The point here is that to be a great presenter, an exceptional communicator or an effective leader it’s great if you can do both – be a long talker and a bottom liner. Because you’ll be surrounded by people from both camps.

What is your preference and what can you try out tomorrow to get out of your comfort zone and attempt something new?