Are you serious about becoming a better virtual presenter?

If you are, then learn from comedians. They have to be brilliant or they’ll die on their feet.

The best comedians are amazing presenters and if we study them, we can identify what works.

What are some of their secrets? Here are a few ideas:

Practise, practise, practise

Comedians are on stage a lot.

To make a living, most comedians must tread the boards. I suspect some hit Gladwell’s 10,000 mastery quotient pretty quickly.

When I teach or coach leaders and managers I always say – “there is no substitute for practice”.

If you want to improve, do more presentations.

Draw Upon Your Real-Life Experiences

The safest humour involves personal stories, because they are guaranteed to be original and can be easily practised and perfected.

As Ricky Gervais says, “As a creator, it’s your job to make an audience as excited and fascinated about a subject as you are, and real life tends to do that.”.

If you’re interested in becoming funnier start with yourself. Come on, there’s plenty of material.

comedian presentation tips ricky gervaisOr practise a one liner and link it to a business challenge or what’s topical. For example – it’s December as I write this so I might say:

‘Every Christmas day we always have pigs in blankets or as you probably call it, relatives sleeping in the spare room’.

Identify the Key Part and Get There Fast

Jimmy Carr says, “Writing comedy isn’t really about writing; it’s more about editing. It’s about what you don’t say. What are the fewest words I can get down here to get to the funny bit?”.

Sage advice for loquacious business presenters.

So, 3 ideas – the power of 3 by the way is the structure for many jokes.

You may or may not be naturally funny, but you can certainly learn from comedians.

My name is Jeremy Cassell, and I’ve been coming to you coming to you from Steyning in West Sussex.

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