“I didn’t really know what to expect but I found the content excellent and particularly enjoyed the bite-sized videos which I found really easy to fit into my busy schedule.

I’m so glad that I completed the training. I now feel much more confident in delivering virtual presentations to clients. Thank you Jeremy!”

Sarah BoyleSales Director, BRC (Building Recruitment Company)

“It moves along at a good pace for home working...and the workbook and the support materials are both really excellent. Jeremy is obviously a highly effective presenter himself and he really embodies the style and approach that he teaches on the course.”

Laurie RobertsonChief Marketing Officer, Professional Services

“Jeremy brings a wealth of experience to the table. He's encouraging and reassuring and most of all I found the fact that he embodies the skills that he's teaching really helpful.”

Ruth PetherickTeacher

“The Jeremy Cassell Virtual Presenting video course is worth every penny. The videos are packed full of bitesize information that is super easy to digest and watching the way Jeremy presents is a lesson in itself.

You will get out of this course exactly what you put in - so show up! Take the time to complete the entire workbook. Watching the videos over and over again really ensures that the key messages stick.”

Laura BallOwner, Middle Child Communications
Laura Ball - Testimonial

“Just watching Jeremy deliver the courses was really insightful. It built my awareness as to what good delivery looks like and what I need to work on. I’m looking forward to discovering my authentic voice and presentation style as well as everything else I’ve learnt on this course”

Nicole GremillionRecruiter, Performance Search Group

“I very much liked that the course had a healthy respect for my time, content-rich whilst being stripped and lean - it is absolutely crafted to meet audience needs. Despite being a seasoned online presenter I learned a number of hacks and ways to improve the structure and presentation of my content, as well as easy wins to improve audience engagement resulting from tweaks and changes to the style of delivery.”

Julia BegbieDevelopment Director, KLC School of Design
Julia Begbie - Testimonial

“For someone like me who has never been taught how to prepare and deliver speeches or presentations, this course will help me to start seeing these talks as second nature. The great thing is with the downloads and videos, you can go back and forth and recap at any time as a reminder.

I really liked Jeremy’s very human approach and the constant reminder that we are not born to do this, that we learn to do it.”

Dean KennettMD at Fooditude

“The bite-sized videos are fantastic, as they succinctly distil how to nail a presentation. One forgets the complexities for delivering a decent presentation but these short videos do a great job of making the process seem less complex and thus less daunting.”

Andrew CastleGeneral Manager Commercial, Santos Ltd
Andrew Castle - Testimonial
Suzannah Lurie - Testimonial

“My delivery and approach to the presentation I was involved with this week was transformed by what I have learnt. The authentic content was such a great help and I love the way I can dip in and out of the training modules to suit.”

Susannah LurieDirector of Sales, Dorchester Collection

“Jeremy’s course is like skills training ‘concentrate’. A little goes a very long way and I was impressed by the depth and quality of each five minute session. The content for each topic is as good as I have seen in sessions lasting an hour, and there is none of the “fluff” that can sometimes go along with training courses of this type.”

Chief Business Development Officer700+ Lawyer National US Firm
There is none of the fluff that can sometimes go along with training of this type