Multiple individual courses in one, our bundles fast track you to becoming an exceptional virtual presenter, mastering techniques for making your presentations interactive and helping your deliver them authentically.

Bronze Virtual Presenting Video Course

Bronze Virtual Presenting Video Course

£449.99     £198
All 18 bite-size videos, allowing you to cover all the areas of virtual presenting, de-stress the planning process and deliver exceptionally.
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Silver Virtual Presenting Video Course with Personalised Feedback

£599.99     £294
Take the full bronze video course and get written feedback on a recorded presentation that you have made, straight to your inbox.
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Silver Virtual Presenting Video Course with Personalised Feedback

Leaders Virtual Presenting Video Course with 1-to-1 Coaching

£1,449.99     £1,189
Two hours of 1-to-1 coaching, alongside the full 18 video specialist video course. Personalised coaching from a leader in the field to maximise learning.
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Exceptional Virtual Presenting Video Course

£299.99     £150
Exceptional virtual presenters are made, not born. These 9 bite-size videos from Jeremy Cassell will fast-track you to becoming an exceptional virtual presenter.
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Developing Your Confident Voice Video Course

£199.99     £100
Learn how to come across with authenticity, credibility and, that most illusive of things, gravitas with these 6 bite-size videos presented by Jeremy Cassell.
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Mastering Technology for Interactive Presentations

£99.99     £50
With your audience in any location with multiple distractions, it’s hugely beneficial to keep them engaged with interactivity. Merv Wyeth takes you through how to capture and maintain interest throughout..
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Personal Presentation Review + Written Feedback

£249.99     £125
Feedback is vital if you are to improve. You can get personal written feedback on up to 30 minutes of video footage of your online presentation from Jeremy Cassell.
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Leaders 1-to-1 Virtual Presentation Coaching Online

£1,199.99     £1,092
Not content with written feedback and want 1-to-1 coaching from the man who literally wrote the book on it? You can buy two hours of 1-to-1 coaching which includes a free chemistry meeting in advance.
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We offer additional support for groups with an introductory webinar and wrap-up report for the commissioning manager. Our video courses allow each individual to go at their own pace, watching videos once or many times, and making their own personal notes in their Learning Workbook. In addition, the training can be reinforced with additional bespoke group discussion and learning.

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