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14th July, 11am (BST)

An immersive webinar that allows you to experience first hand how to deliver a powerful and engaging virtual presentation.

Hosted by presentation coach, Jeremy Cassell, presentation design expert, Emma Lewis & Mentimeter Ninja, Merv Wyeth.

Are you in fear of delivering a dull online presentation?  Are you and your team having to sell, motivate and influence remotely? You need to lockdown your online presenting habits now to engage your audience and keep them engaged.



Agile working is here to stay.

Being able to communicate virtually used to be a nice-to-have skill – now it’s an essential.

Organisations and leaders now realise that their teams need to improve their virtual presentations in order to sell, motivate and influence.

If your organisation has a global footprint and restrictions on travel you will be needing to deliver many virtual presentations right now. These include client pitches, team briefings, and virtual town halls.

Like us, you and your teams may well have yawned your way through dozens of virtual presentations in the last 3 months.

The unfortunate reality is that many businesspeople deliver badly.

  • Do you want to know what really works?
  • Do you consider yourself a competent presenter but have anxiety about being dull online?
  • Do you struggle with the absence of a live audience?
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Virtual presentations

Presentation coach Jeremy Cassell, Emperor presentation design expert Emma Lewis and Mentimeter Ninja Merv Wyeth have come together to deliver an immersive webinar that will allow you to learn, as well as experience, how to deliver a powerfully engaging virtual presentation.


You will identify the key virtual habits that you need to develop
You will take away practical, simple ideas for keeping your audience alive, engaged and focused
We guarantee you will never deliver a less-than-stellar performance again


By the end of the session participants will:

Have a benchmark for what successful virtual presenters do and say
Understand how to structure a virtual presentation to guarantee engagement
Identify precisely how to make virtual presentations more interactive, interesting and memorable
Know how what is needed from your PowerPoint slides and visuals to really hit the mark


Now is the perfect time to learn new virtual presenting skills and avoid falling into the trap of delivering old style virtual broadcasts that never hit the mark.


WHO SHOULD ATTEND: Everyone.  Anyone who has, or will have, to deliver virtual presentations. Share with your leaders, your teams and your furloughed staff

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Emma Lewis Emperor

‘Presentation Design Expert’ – Emma Lewis

Emma Lewis is Senior Account manager from the Emperor Presentations team.  Her expertise is in Corporate Communications with 20 plus years experience both client side whilst at IBM and agency side showcasing the power of presentations.  Her passion is in building positive client relationships and developing new ideas.

Jeremy Cassell webinar online presentation

‘Presentation Coach’ – Jeremy Cassell

Jeremy Cassell works with ‘C’ Suite, law firm partners and entrepreneurs to increase confidence, and guarantee they have what it takes to be authentic, audience-centric and exceptional business presenters.  For more than 15 years he has delivered one-to-one presentation coaching and group presentation training for many of the world’s leading organisations. In the UK, he has worked with 30 of the top 40 law firms.  Jeremy has co-authored 4 best-selling books: The Leader’s Guide to Presenting, Brilliant Selling, The FT Guide to Business Training (FT Series) and The C3 Model of Influencing Field Guide. Find out more about Jeremy here.

merv wyeth mentimeter

‘Mentimeter Ninja’ – Merv Wyeth

During his time with the Association for Project Management (APM) and as Digital Team Lead for Project Management Institute (PMI UK), Merv has designed, produced, and facilitated more than 100 top-notch conferences, workshops, and speaker-led events.

An exponent of the event ROI method for proving the value of meetings and events; he is well placed to zoom-in on reinventing webinars and multi-hub events. His ‘Preparing for Projects in a Post-Pandemic World’ lunch-and-learn series of webinars, used Mentimeter, and other engagement tools, to energise and delight over 2,300 participants.

Since introducing Mentimeter interactive presentation software to a UK audience, APM Benefit Summit (June 2017), Merv has established himself as super-user. Describing himself as a ‘MentiNinja’, who has literally got the Mentimeter tee-shirt, Merv was honoured to recently host a webinar with Johnny Warstrom, CEO of Mentimeter titled ‘Listening Leadership: the decade of talking is over.’