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Business Development Training & Coaching for Law Firm Fee Earners


Back together by popular demand, Jeremy has linked up with Tom Bird once again. They are known in the business world as Tom & Jerry. In the last 2 weeks they have designed specific Business Development programmes to meet the demands of the current situation.

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Many leaders and senior managers are daunted by the diverse challenges of delivering effective presentations. Despite this feeling, business leaders are often required, by nature of their job, to step up and give traditional presentations, or share verbal content in new formats such as podcasts, webinars or video conferences. On occasion, individuals may be promoted or hired into a senior role with very limited experience of, and confidence about, delivering strategic presentations.

I transform business leaders into confident presenters and public speakers. Clients are evaluated and then supported as they discover their own signature style and learn how to engage and connect with any audience through their personality rather than by adopting a `professional’ corporate persona.

These individual coaching sessions deliver results quickly. My diagnostic and uniquely creative approach get to the heart of the matter. I eliminate nerves by identifying and teaching only the most appropriate and effective techniques to resolve the pain points of everyone. I also provide a personalised action plan, based on objective feedback, that can be used immediately.

Here’s how it works:

  • An initial 30-minute ‘chemistry session’.
  • 2-hour intake meeting, establishing desired outcomes and challenges to be met.
  • Between 2 and 5 sessions, each tailored to the individual’s needs and objectives.
  • Honest, supportive feedback and championing to instill the confidence required to present in any situation.

Unlike many coaches, I am trained in NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) techniques that help people to relax, express their personality and show their authentic personality. This in turn allows them to build connection with the audience. I have a history of working with leaders and enabling them to become confident, engaging, powerful speakers.

For nervous speakers who are committed to change, the NLP ‘fast phobia cure’ is particularly effective. Within just 1 hour, fear of public speaking can be hugely reduced or eliminated altogether.

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In any team, skilled presenters project a natural authority. They get things done, building followership from the inside out.

When team members pitch to a C-level audience, those senior decision-makers need ideas to be presented fluently and concisely. They don’t have time to hang around.

Working with groups of up to 12 people, I help leaders and team members inject personality and credibility into their presentation style. They will achieve:

  • The confidence to deliver their message with conviction, even under pressure.
  • The ability to persuade and influence an audience of high-level executives and leaders.
  • An improved level of consistency within the team.

All sessions are tailored, never formulaic – they are centred around freedom of expression to achieve connection, credibility and confidence.

Each person will learn how to deliver presentations in their own signature style. They will win over an audience simply by being themselves.

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Jeremy Cassell is a globally recognised keynote speaker. He has inspired audiences worldwide with compelling speeches on the art of presenting and influencing as well as Business Development and negotiation.

Jeremy will work with you to identify the most relevant topic for your event or link his content with the conference theme. On the day he will establish effortless rapport with your audience, communicating the key messages with authority and credibility.

The guarantee is that Jeremy will never be boring. Your event’s keynote speech will be entertaining, informative and memorable. It will change the way your audience feels about presenting and influencing, motivating them to improve and innovate.

You can see some of Jeremy’s presentation videos here.

This book crystallizes the key elements that can allow any leader to be really present and make a dynamic difference with any audience. You can dip into it or read it in a linear way – whichever way you choose I can guarantee you will find lots of ideas, tools, and questions that will allow you to improve your ability to present dynamically and make the impact that will make a real positive difference in your world.

John Matson - Partner in Arthur Cox and ex Chair of Lex Mundi, writing about the Leader’s Guide to Presenting

I know Jeremy personally and professionally. I would recommend Jeremy to anyone who wants to improve their ability to present and influence, by developing and managing long term enduring relationships.

Philip Jansen - CEO of Worldpay

Brilliant Selling and now The Leader’s Guide to Presenting are very pragmatic, which is exactly what we found when we hired Jeremy to help us improve the way we deliver sales presentations. Our top sales people, senior managers and operators gained significantly from his training and coaching and we can directly link his involvement to improved results in the business.

Jeremy Alderton - Sales Director at Sodexo